Here’s what business leaders and luminaries have said about the book so far:

Edge Strategy flips the conventional notion of strategy on its head and provides an insightful take on where some of the best value-creating innovations come from.”
—    John Rainey, CFO, PayPal

“Refreshingly pragmatic advice for driving growth, with a strong ROI, in any business.”
—    Darrell Webb, CEO, Guitar Center

“While all of us as leaders of growing organizations seem to know what makes us successful, Lewis and McKone do an uncanny job of pushing the reader to ask the tough question of what more can be done to unlock the potential to drive market share and margin growth. Edge Strategy ‘takes the blinders off’ and helps you look around corners for opportunities that may be missed in strategic planning sessions.”
—    Geoffrey A. Ballotti, President and CEO, Wyndham Hotel Group

Edge Strategy will inspire you to think about growth opportunities in a new and powerful way. Through insightful examples and a well-structured process, the concepts presented in the book provide a framework for identifying the opportunities that lie at the doorstep of many businesses ready to be leveraged by the organization’s many assets with limited risk and significant upside.”
—    Ari N. Haseotes, President and CEO, Gulf Oil and Cumberland Farms

“The approach put forward in Edge Strategy has helped us effectively frame and evaluate our growth opportunities. It provides a roadmap that considers internal capabilities, customer behavior and preferences, and the elements of differentiation.”
—    Juliet Johansson, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Office Depot, Inc.

“We’ve learned that the most effective way to extract profits from our business is to focus on the core. But that leaves a big question unanswered: How do you grow? Lewis and McKone offer clear insight on how to grow the enterprise using edge strategy. A must-read.”
—    Jim Lawrence, former CFO, Unilever and General Mills

“If you’re looking for a playbook to higher growth and customer loyalty, Edge Strategy hits the mark. I expect every reader will take away new ideas to put into practice and improve their company’s performance.”
—    Tom Polen, Executive Vice President and President, Medical Segment, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)

Edge Strategy is a must-read for any executive trying to chart successful and profitable growth. Lewis and McKone elegantly outline a clear path toward focusing on the low-hanging fruits that will surely lead to great results for any business.”
—    Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya

“Successful companies continually look to emerging markets or underserved areas in the core business where assets, competencies, and culture can be leveraged. Alan Lewis and Dan McKone’s Edge Strategy provides valuable insights into this journey. It provides a road map for identifying and understanding opportunities often considered ‘at the margin’ of the core business, and then deploying core assets and services in a different yet complementary way to unlock new value for customers — and generate new revenues for the core business. It’s a thought-provoking narrative for any executive.”
—    Douglas W. Stotlar, President and Chief Executive Officer, Con-way Inc.

“With Edge Strategy, Alan Lewis and Dan McKone have given us, regardless of whether our endeavors are for-profit or not, a cogent and impactful reminder of how important it is to think beyond historical or traditional boundaries and to imagine a result that we have not yet experienced . . . and then go for it. As they clearly demonstrate with their examples of Edge Strategy, the results can be the difference between revitalization and failure.”
—    Glenn Tilton, former CEO and Chairman, United Airlines and Texaco Inc.

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